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Palm Tree Hammock


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hammock.jpg - 38654 Bytes This revolutionary concept is more of an attitude than a hammock stand. We believe that hammocks belong on palm trees, not on cold steel bars. Yet few of us have two palm trees conveniently located for this purpose. Now for the first time, you can have the ultimate life style accessory to create a tropical state of mind, whenever and where ever you relax, retreat and renew yourself with the "Original Palm Island Hammock Stand". With two beautiful palm trees "growing" right out of the bar top for indoor or outdoor use with plenty of shelf space for storage, your "Island Oasis" will be the hit of the party.

  • Individually Custom Crafted - Truly a Work of Art!
  • Lush Tihitian Palm Foliage - UV Stable Polyethelene Fronds!
  • Adorned with Tropical Coconuts!
  • Loves the Rain and Wind - Tested to 86 mph!
  • Life-like Palm Tree Action - Eye-Popping Realism!
  • Dual Control Cooling Misters - One for Each Tree - WOW!
  • MIG Welded Joints @ 70,000 PSI - The Strongest Stand Anywhere!
  • Compact - 5 Foot Less Length than Standard Stands!
  • Patented Palm Technology - (US Patent No 6599591)!
  • Integrated 24,000 PSI Steel Structure!
  • MIG Welded Eyelets for Hammock Security!
  • Assembles in 20 Minutes - Only 6 Bolts!
  • Entirely Maintenance Free!

Pricing $ 2195 Plus Freight

image of a fbrictaed tree holding a hammock

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